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It's time to move on...


‘Move on!” is a famous phrase that we are using these days.

It is usually used in order to move on from the past relationship. But this word is not limited to it, because there are so many things in life from where we need to move on.

Move on from MISTAKE

A mistake can be defined as something that you did and went wrong.


Something that you forget to do


Something that you did unknowingly & didn’t meant to do that.

There is no limit to define ‘a mistake’. The point is it makes a person to fall in regrets and that you can’t overturn it.

Again & again the same thought why? How? You should have been careful! What was the need? If only!

Why blame yourself buddy! Big or small, mistakes happen in life. Some gets chance to amend it and others never.

The thing is we can’t forever trap ourself in that ‘mistake’. You have to get out of it.

Write… write all the thoughts, write all the things and a promise that something like that will never happen again. That’s the only thing that you can do.

Face it, don’t run away , then handle it with a brave face. Its done and its done.

You are a human and humans make mistakes. We don’t have a fixed command or a code to follow, that’s why we keep correcting ourself.

“Don’t blame yourself too much,

You need to move on now!”


Past can be good or it can be bad/ traumatic one. Both of these trap us in their memories.

A good memory

Life was nice and sunny. Things were light & you were free like a feather.

Now, it’s like a dark night which seems to have no end. Mornings and nights don’t seem to differ. Why have you come here?

The time when we start comparing, we lose. The time changes and never stops. It can be good; it can be bad but it flows like river water.

What was there can’t come back, it was all in the past.

Try to find the positive aspect of the present world, if you find none then hang in there.

Hang in there buddy and keep marching forward, with every step and everyday keep moving forward. That’s what the life is all about, you need to be strong to face it.

You can do it!

A bad memory

Times that were dark, roam in our heart and scare us. They make us hesitant to embrace any happiness which comes in our way.

Remember, there was the time which was like a hell and suffocating you in a cage.

But you ran a long way out to reach here, its all in the past.

Now it can never come again to reach you. Just focus on the sunshine and believe in yourself. Some things come in our life to make it so hard, to make you like a rock, which will never break with any hardship.

Still, buddy your heart still beats for happiness and warmth. Don’t ignore it and march forward with confidence.

move on ! quotes by Halleys clinic


Dreams bring hope in our life and all those sparkles that make us run for them. While climbing this ladder we forget to see around because we got no time for that.

From that bright light, when did you reach in a dark room to trap yourself. You will never know.

I am not saying people should not cherish what they love and what they want to do… but at what cost?

When it makes your life so traumatic that it becomes difficult to even breath, ask yourself again. Do you still love it?

If then your answer is ambiguous, then you need to think again and answer why?

Because you have spent years for it, if you give up now all this will be in vain. Why did you work so hard to give up now?

I won’t say you to give up but ask again, is your dream still there? Or is it just that shadow you are chasing.

Life is not made with a dream. Dreams are just a tiny part of life. You don’t need to burn yourself in hell for it.

You can just work for it, and when you have worked, leave the rest to time.

But when dream take charge of your life, you need to stop. Your life and dreams are not synonymous. It’s all about you.

Leave it, remove all those things, pack them up and close them in a closet.

Take away all those schedules & papers & throw them away. Lighten your room and take out all those things that are trapping you there.

It’s been a long-time buddy, take breath freely, don’t look at time, sleep without a clock and eat all your favourites.

What else? Believe me, take a break because our heart never let us stay idle for long and one day like a light or a wish you will soon know, what else…

“What came as a sunshine

Still lives in my heart, dream”

“My ways will change, I didn’t know”

“It’s been a long-time dream

And now I am signing off.”

Its time for me to move on…

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