How to complete syllabus in one day?

complete syllabus in one day


Every time when exam is on the head, we wonder how to complete syllabus in one day. Is there any trick? Well, there is!

But people study things for years and now we are talking about how to complete syllabus in one day? I said yes, but there is a trick to it which comes with both pros and cons…


You will be able to go to write paper with confidence.

You will complete the syllabus in one way and will be capable to attempt the questions and do them right also.

Even a blank brain will be entering the examination hall with loads of information in head to apply.

You won’t be wandering here and there, feeling anxious and regretful about your preparation, instead you will be driving your energy to what needs to be done.


You won’t be able to complete word to word of your 1000 pages books, that won’t be possible.

It won’t make you a topper, but will help you to get good rank.

You will be requiring full dedication for it, because other than 6 hours of mandatory sleep (that you should never skip), you won’t be having any minute to spare!

So, what’s the trick-

  • Simple, take out the last 3/5 years of paper, start from the recent and go backwards.
  • Solve the question
  • See the solution
  • See the theory if required
  • Also cover anything else related to the topic, if it’s coming into your mind.
  • In this way complete all the 5 years paper or 3 years paper definitely.
  • This much will cover your syllabus.

Right now, its time to study only the things that will definitely be asked but when you do them, you also look at the theory and nearby aspects so to cover everything in and around that topic.

Learning the answer of a previous year paper is easy but not useful, you must solve the topic and the question in detail for you to be able to complete it.

I know many of you already know it, but aren’t following it. Some even wonders what’s the need when there is so much lacking in the preparation.

See, for those who have completed their syllabus, just solving questions will be the best revision; but if the preparation is not well, then rather than being upset, become super charged as you have to complete this load of work. As it will not be a revision for you but a whole lot of knowledge to grasp, so will be a lot heavy to carry.

Even though, don’t step back but fight, eat well, sleep well and keep going.

Look guys, at the last moment its common to wander around turning pages and feeling anxious and doubting again and again on yourself or regretting that you should have studied more; and etc. There are lots more to this list.

I know, these last days before exams are filled with negative emotions, making you feel weak; but remember you are not weak.

Studying is not easy and giving exam is even tougher than that.

Not being able to solve a question at this point of time hurts like a dagger into heart and definitely you have hundreds of things that you will use to blame yourself and feel sad about it.

But is it time for it?

I know you might have lacked somewhere in your preparation but there is still time before your exam and I believe until you have even a few hours, you can turn it into a golden opportunity.

You must know what to focus on, what to see, what to learn, what to revise, what to solve. And you know it, definitely.

Clear your head and keep going, its not the time for you to think, but to act.

Understand that, if you would have studied perfectly, you could have reached 100% but now it’s at 40%.

You much reach the minimum threshold of 80% preparation and that extra 40% in one day is earned only by burning with fire of knowledge, seriously its not completely even a metaphor.

You have to keep studying with ease, blocking all the negative emotions and just driving ahead like a bulldozer with a speed of bullet train…

Listen carefully, smile and stop worrying, and focus on what you need to do at the present moment, that’s what matters the most.

Every day in life is different and also different for person to person; one might be enjoying a weekend but one might be giving it all because it’s the day before exam.

Life is big and beautiful, you will understand it one day but when your head is too much busy, just remember to do what you need to do at the moment to its best, without regretting past or worrying about future.

Don’t also think about others or their preparation, you are you and your preparation is also yours.

Don’t think, just focus,

Be confident, just study,

You are way stronger than you think.

complete syllabus in one day

All the best for your exam…





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