Why loneliness is increasing in the world?

loneliness by Halleys clinic

An interlocking series of events that ratchet up over time, where frivolous talks kept increasing and the heart burying down on the note of levity. And still, you wonder why loneliness is increasing?

It’s because we are getting further and further away from ourselves. When you tell yourself to think nothing and just focus on your future –

“You will find your happiness after this.”

“Don’t waste your time.”

“You will fail if you wonder around.”

“You will be left alone and everybody will go further and further ahead of you.”

“You have so many people to prove yourself.”

Thinking that you keep running ahead, looking straight at the future approaching you.

When you reach that future, you search for that happiness, the one that will stay forever. Can there be a happiness that last forever?

You feel dazed searching for something that you lost, without even knowing what you lost.

But still, you lost and forgot about it, that’s for sure.

Another bunch of words that people believe wholeheartedly.

“You will need to find a person who understand you for you to not be lonely.”

This is the world-famous fact that people believe in. What if you never find a person like that? That being said, it’s also true, no matter how understanding the person is, nothing will change.

Why are you searching, you should be the one to understand yourself. The day you understand yourself you will not search for anyone in the world to understand you. That’s the only way for you to bring an end to this never-ending search.

Don’t be with someone to run away from your loneliness, because that is just a temporary solution and slowly and thereby you will again find yourself in the same situation, feeling lonely even with the person. It’s neither your fault nor him/her.

Loneliness can be understood as that gap between you and your inner self, that keeps on increasing.

The busier you are, the more it will hide itself, the more it will grow.

Loneliness by Halleys clinic

You also sense this gap of darkness which keeps on becoming stronger and stronger to gallop you.

You would feel better while working or being busy, but till when can you keep running away from it. Just at the moment, when you will lift your feet out of this ever-running train to rest, when one day you will be tired to carry on, you will find yourself in the darkness of loneliness. So strong for you to even forget the cause behind it.

From always it was you who caused this havoc inside you.

You never addressed it, never looked at it, always ignored it, because you were too busy.

What do you search for, in your loneliness?

That happiness which you were supposed to get after running through this long journey. Where is that happiness? Why is there only emptiness that is left inside you. You feel so lonely that even if your hardship leaves you, you will feel something is drifting apart from you.

Every time you suppressed your emotions, feelings; you drifted apart from yourself creating a gap which you never came back to heal again.

Just how our body needs rest, nutrition, exercise; your mind, your inner self needs to be at ease. Are you at ease?

Can you sit silently with yourself alone?

Buddy, you have lost yourself, that’s why you are so lonely. When you will find yourself back, you will not be lonely anymore.

To fill that gap, won’t be easy, you will have hundreds of questions to ask, hundreds of times you have to console your heart, you will need to move on from hundreds of things, you will need to leave that thread off your hand, the one you have been carrying with you from years.

You will need to say goodbye to so many things, so many moments where you are still stuck.

You will need to cry for all those things that you regretted and then move on, forgive yourself.

You will need to extinguish that fire of anger inside yourself with love and reasoning, forgive the person, understand the person or let go of it. Anger burns you more than it does any harm to anybody else.

Say sorry to all those you hurt; in the way you deem fit is right.

Do all those things you have wanted to do, all those that you kept inside your heart.

“The day you find yourself,

Is the day when loneliness ends…”

Slowly and thereby, you will move ahead and won’t just run to escape but run in the moment of solace, you won’t be lonely anymore.

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