“Be prepared for the worst,   Hope for the best,   Work for what you can do and   Relax with a smile" - Halleys clinic

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Stress has become a common word these days and it is indeed really common.

Do you think only adults or higher grade’s students or children >10 years of age can be stressed?

No! even a 5-year-old losing and searching for his favourite toy can be under stress.

Stress can be acute or chronic based on its duration depending on how long the person was under this stress.

There are various stressful events in our life and if we are not able to tackle them accordingly, it becomes a heavy load on our head.

To lift this load off your head, you must know a way out.

So basically, a stressful event can be categorized into 3 parts –

  1. Something we can do
  2. We can’t do anything
  3. The problem lies in future!

Let’s take them one by one –

Something we can do

There are various things, piled up work, upcoming sessions/ presentations, project works, exams studies, event preparation, solving an issue or a dispute and this list is endless.

It means it includes as many things that we have to do.

For such things in order to avoid stress start with a general plan of finishing things from beginning.

  • Avoid piling up of work and try to follow schedule. It is because too much workload produces extra stress and decreased efficiency.

If work is done at time, we can prevent this issue.

  • Now, let’s say whatever be the case but you got a lot of overdue work or if you are a student then say lots of syllabus or books that you haven’t opened.

In this case, now divide the whole syllabus into parts and go behind those parts, one by one, step by step.

“Don’t be stressed just focus on one thing at a time.”

how to handle stress-

“Be prepared for the worst,

  Hope for the best,

  Work for what you can do and

  Relax with a smile"

- Halleys clinic

We can’t do anything about this stress

In problems/ issues/ worries/ situations where you got no option to choose from or you got nothing in your hand to do. Why is it important?

We humans want to take control of as many things we can. Those things which are not in our hands, looks worrisome to us and we often feel helpless about it.

Yes! There are problems but there might be things that you can do to prevent it from happening or to solve it.

You are not sure whether it will work or not but this is the only thing that you can do.

Then do that and forget it.

Learn to leave things to time and focus on what you can do.

Learn to not try to take control of everything because in this world, the ‘random’ function takes control.

The problem lies in future!

Over the time we learn to foresee the problems that we might face in near or remote future.

We are taught to amend our ways, to be alert so that we never face that problem.

All of it is true and good and for our benefit.

Still, too much of a thing and too much of a thought, never brings anything good to our life.

If something has not even taken place, why are you worrying about it?

If a mistake is already done, learn from it, promise that something like this will never happen again and then move on…

“Be prepared for the worst,

  Hope for the best,

  Work for what you can do and

  Relax with a smile.”

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