Halleys clinic

In this fast-paced world, you often leave yourself behind, and yet try to search yourself in the present with the vague image that is left. You will need to go back in the time where you are still standing. Halleys clinic stand here for you.

No matter how much you ignore or how much you hide, your heart remembers it and so do you.

In our time, people neither have time for others nor do they have for themselves, then with whom will they share their worries, thoughts, emotions, confusions and that feeling of sadness that keeps on engulfing them –



We will hear you, support you and guide you in your journey.

In this era of AI, full of mechanical reasoning, Halleys clinic provide you one on one personal care and support.

Reach out to us for any of the following –

  • You keep feeling low and want someone to hear you out and want to know how to uplift this sadness.
  • You feel lonely and life seems too hard to you.
  • If you forgot to smile?
  • If you are a student or a parent and want to know how to and what to do for improvising in study.
  • If you worry to much and this inhibits you from going ahead or excel in your work.
  • If you want the momentum to kick start your journey to your dreams without giving up.

Halleys clinic counselling

We will stay with you in your complete journey.

As we all know that life will not always be sweet but no matter what it brings to you, you will always bounce back at it and Halleys clinic will help you in it.

Contact us – halleysclinic@gmail.com

 With subject – Halleys clinic counselling.

We always respect privacy and if you want, you can use your nick name to talk to us.  People often write their emotions well, instead of telling them and Halleys clinic is all there for you.

How does it work,

Write us a mail with all your worries, thoughts, emotions, feeling everything and we will reply you shortly.

Send us your mail – Halleysclinic@gmail.com

Write the subject – Halleys clinic counselling

1st session is – ‘ABSOLUTELY FREE’

From 2nd session onwards – Rs. 2000

Don’t struggle on your own, your comrade Halleys clinic will walk with you until you can run on your own.

When life throws lemon to you, and you keep staring at it without knowing what to do, come to us, we will make lemonade together…

Halleys clinic


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