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  • By Dr AK Rana

“Why will you regret now, it was all in past, nothing can be done now, why? Why?”

So many times, the same question is asked to the person who doesn’t know what to reply, but is expected to reply.

“I know still” “I know but I am helpless”

Regret is the worst evil because it’s that anger which can’t be taken out on others because we are angry with none other but ourself.

We get so frustrated and helpless because nothing can be done now, because that time passed long ago. If we were to blame someone, our grief could be reduced but what to do when there is no one else to be blamed except one person.

“Regret is that cry which can’t be heard,

The storm which can’t be seen,

The fire which burns invisibly…”


  • I lost my whole year and all the hard work that I put in just by a silly mistake.
  • I wasted all my parents’ money and time, when all I had to do was to study well.
  • I lost my one and golden opportunity, the one that I had always aspired for.
  • My one wrong choice, turned my life into hell.
  • It was my carelessness which took away my most precious…
  • If just I came back early
  • If just I looked back
  • If just I listened to their advice
  • If just, I have spent more time before taking my decision
  • If just I ….

In this vast world there won’t be an end to this list, no matter where you go.

A person’s reason to regret can never be weighted against another, because it all starts with “Just if”.

How will you counsel someone who keep insisting that ‘just if’ I had not done that, everything would have changed. That’s why regret is the worst evil of all… there is no end to this misery?

This blog is not only meant for the persons who regret ‘that decision’ but also for those who are close to them.

Instead of just telling them that they should ‘stop regretting’, firstly accept that it has caused them great pain and they can’t just stop regretting.

Console them again and again, be there to support them and don’t be tired even if you have to say the same exact lines to them hundreds and thousands of times.

“Make them know, you care for them,

You are disheartened to see them in that state;

You will always be there for them,

And with every step,

With every passing day, We will move ahead…”

For you buddy, I know although that point of time will never come again but life keeps moving and the one thing that you cannot leave is “hope”.

“Hope can make us stand again,

To win again, to live again;

A person will not fall,

Until ‘the hope’ is alive;

Never let go your hope…”

Hope is what keeps us moving...

regret by Halleys clinic

It is that light which will lighten your world and provide you unmeasurable strength which will teach you to stand again.

Look around, look again, there are people who are waiting for you to come to them. You can take time but don’t make it forever. Life is precious and you got to move ahead, slowly and thereby.

“Walk again, even in dark shadows

Light will come to you, on its own.”

With love

Halleys clinic



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