To feel low or sad depends on various reasons and thoughts and the people around us.

Not only this, you must have observed sometimes the sad ending of a movie or even happy ending of a drama can make you feel low.

 Whenever something ends be it a job or your transfer to a new place, or anything else; it’s quite normal to feel low.


This emotion comes to you back from the childhood. It starts from the small things and later on to bigger ones.

Only a person who doesn’t hope and doesn’t run a marathon will have nothing to regret about.

If you come out on a journey then only you will have things to regret.

You can’t go back to the time; things or mistakes done are done. Therefore, accept it, accept your mistake; and move forward.

Walk ahead with a promise to not repeat the same mistake again and believe that some things are somehow not in our hands.


As you grow up, you need to leave your home as a student or for work.

We miss them and want to go back to the times when we all lived together, but that’s not possible always.

If you have to grow and dream, then you must move ahead without looking behind.

Same is true for parents, let your child fly, be their wings and don’t stop them.

Who is telling you to live alone or forget them? You have internet, mobile, 4k video calling.

You won’t talk that much at home as much you talk when you are away from home.

Because wherever you are, you are always close to the home, remember that.


Listen carefully, if you are ever stuck at such a problem, write down your priorities and pros and cons.

Use all your knowledge for that or gather more.

Talk to people you trust, and listen to their views. Inculcate only present problems and filter out the distant ones, which you are not sure of.

It’s because some ways open only when the time comes, we cannot predict them years ago.

Finally choose your way and it should be all your decision. Decisions that we take come with a support pillar and that is – it was my decision, so whatever happens I will take care of it…


Exam is not just an exam. Those 2-3 hours could be leisure time/fun time/ordinary hours in an ordinary day; however the one who is giving that exam, for them it’s everything.

Days, weeks, months and years that they have spent on it; just for those few hours.

Those few hours can’t decide the caliber of a person.

If you fail and the other one pass; it doesn’t make you inferior to them.

Exams that are conducted once in a year, takes all the energy, dreams and emotions with them.

Being able to stand up again, to be able to dream again and to start over, takes a daring heart.

Who said you can love only a person; ask those who have been chasing their dreams for years.

Who said you can only break –up with a person and move ahead; it takes everything to give a closure to an unfinished journey and move ahead.

That feeling that you lost a battle and your lack of words for the people who ask if you are alright.

It hurts to think how you spent those days and still you are at a crossway with no immediate way to find.

Only the darkest night knows those tears, because you are big enough and strong enough to hide them.

What I have to say for this?

Listen carefully, though you might have heard the same line again and again; finally understand one more time.

“When the way ends, keep moving

More ways will come find you.

When the sun set, the day ends

Night is for you to move on,

Morning is to embrace a new journey…”

There is no end in life. You are not less than anybody.

No one can look down on you, until you do so yourself. This is your life and you aren’t living it for them, but for you to smile.

You tried; you turned over the pile of rock, still if it’s too far away and to a point that from happiness and dream, it has turned to misery; Leave it!

Take a big break, and look around. You will know that, your life and ‘that so called dream’ is not synonymous.

It wasn’t the thing that you even know when you came to this world.

You are you and that is that, it’s just the tide of time, which will also settle with it.

You will find your way out soon, till then get out of these chains and run out of there.

A new journey awaits you, take care…


There are many people who are working, but not happy with their job. Some move ahead, some leave, others take on; something keeps going.

Don’t run away from the truth.

Bring out all the solutions, if there can be a way out, go for it; but it should be a good one.

If the problem is in your job then write down what changes you want in your job. Can you change them in current one or you need to find a new job?

Both cases are there. Sometimes the same problems follow in the next one, so it’s better to solve such problems in current job only. If job itself is a problem then a new job can change colors of life.

A new day

Start your new day as a whole new chapter.

There is no history and fresh future awaits you.

Go out for jogging in the park. Take tea/coffee after coming back or go for yoga and pranayam.

Eat a full bowl breakfast while watching NEWS and all the hustle that’s going in the country.

I am telling you, they never settle down. Always bringing a new interesting story every day.

Go to work now; don’t forget to look around all those who are also running late for their work.

At work focus on work, do it diligently.

You may or may not have passion for it, just complete the work. Thereafter, you can seek out a way to chill out while you get a lunch break.

Don’t take everything in a serious mode, take it easy, once this work gets done, a new pile will wait for you.

Take break in between work and listen to your favorite music. The one that is buzzing in your head all the time. Don’t forget to look around your desk, the fan, the ac, other desks and busy good – bad colleagues, files that have not been opened since 20 years, the view from the window and the burning sun outside.

When the time to go home come, take your bag and run!

It should be made a strict rule to let go employees at the exact pre-decided time.

While you return, see all those people who are returning back.

Today, why not take back a tasty cheese cake, that you can enjoy watching your favorite show.

Call home and decide your family vacation.

Each day is good and nice; when it becomes hard to live it fully, take a break and just pass it like this.

I feel low sometimes, but sun rise awakes me.

Always take care of yourself, even amidst the hustle going on in your life; it’s never wise to neglect health. Health always comes first.

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