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Introvert or extrovert

  • By DR. AK Rana

Since the times these terms ‘Introvert or extrovert’ came into light, everybody became curious who is better ‘Introvert or Extrovert’? As always, I will let you to decide on that.

Drinking black tea although you don’t like it but just because the host gave you the cup himself with love and pleasure. And you can’t at all say that you don’t like black tea but the tea with milk & sugar!

The other scenario is you go as a guest to someone’s house but it’s you who is preparing the tea while chatting with the host of party. You sit there with everyone, holding a cup of milk tea, laughing & explaining how you enjoy the tea, the way tea should be. Even inspiring others to enjoy the tea sometimes as fitness also needs a break.

Now you are guessing it right, the first one is an introvert while the second person is an extrovert.

You would usually hear people saying that those who enjoy social interactions are extrovert and the opposite for introverts.

It’s not completely true because introverts don’t completely dislike meeting or chatting with people.

What’s true is, in their meetings introverts drain their energy while extroverts get recharged.

Introverts need sufficient alone time for them to recharge themselves for next day.

An extrovert won’t think much and act on impulse, while an introvert will think, decide and plan before acting.

An ambivert is the one with mixed traits of introverts and extroverts depending upon situations.

In this spectrum of extroversion, most of the people find themselves being ambiverts but their personality traits and dominance of their basic introvert or extrovert character shapes the way they think or act.

Our personalities are decided through our heredity along with the environment we grew up in.

The fact is you can try to act out of the way who you are but down to core, you will still be you and no matter how real you make it look, it will still be an act.

Extroverts can easily mingle with a group of strangers. They know how to start a conversation & how to keep it going. That’s why it’s easy to like them as they shine brightly in a gathering.

Introverts on the other hand would try to find a safe place at a corner with a few people they know and would avoid the show light. They would be very anxious if they fail to find that ‘safe place’ in the party of strangers.

Does that mean extroverts are totally fine and don’t feel anxious?

If you notice carefully extroverts get more anxious than introverts. Why? Because an introvert would not care much if you stop talking to them the other day; but it’s not same for extroverts. They feel insecure about their presence if they are left alone, because an introvert loves to be alone but extroverts want to be surrounded by people.

They get scared with even the thought of being left alone with no one talking or caring for them.

Not only this, they also aspire to be in the spotlight and gets anxious if someone else try to take that from them.

Being said so, it doesn’t mean introverts don’t love their family or friends. It’s just they are happy with them only and it takes them a lot of courage to open, to love or to trust someone else. They are happy with their people and anxious with others.

Extroverts often take decisions on impulse without thinking much about it, while introverts think twice & thrice planning in and out before coming to a decision. Even though it doesn’t guarantee that all of their decisions will be right, just how not all decisions taken on impulse turn out to be wrong!

Both of them are cute and great with their own strength and weaknesses. Although you will need to try more to gain the trust of an introvert while on the other hand you will also need to assure an extrovert frequently that you care for them and they hold an important place in your life.

Extroverts seem warmer and kinder, while introverts look colder and ruder. Although both of them might be opposite to how they seem to you on your first interaction with them. Aside from this talk, I will say never judge any person at first impression or from afar because a cold looking person might be the sweetest marshmallow while a warm looking person might be a cold iceberg.

“Don’t judge someone easily,

First impression is important,

But it’s not always the truth…”

introvert or extrovert

- by Halleys clinic

If you are sad an extrovert will hug you, talk to you and try to cheer you up. An introvert won’t know what to say, so he/she will just hold your hand and say nothing or will just stay beside you doing nothing or might try stupid jokes to make you laugh.

The thing is, be it an extrovert or an introvert, both of them will decide to stay beside you in your hard times, in their own way.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you meet an introvert or an extrovert, it’s the character and their heart which matters the most.

Now at the end, I will ask you Who is better ‘Introvert or extrovert’?


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