why is everyone better than me? Halleys clinic

Am I not good enough?


You are ‘not less than anyone’. No one is better than you. You might not

believe me, it’s okay if you don’t believe me.

For you to decide on that, I will tell you a story

and you be the judge.

There was a girl who came for studies in a

new city, away from home. She was topper of

her school and was sincere with her studies.

There she met other students like her, she

was happy and excited. She dedicated all her

time to studies and then came the monthly


She will surely secure a good rank, that’s

 what she thought. On result day, she couldn’t

find her name in top 10, top 20 or even in top

 50; her rank was 98.

She was taken aback and started studying

more diligently. In next test, her rank was 87,

 still not within top 50.

She started looking at those who came 1st,

2nd, in top 10 or in top 20. She thought there

must be something special that makes them

better than her. They were

talking & laughing while she was reviewing

her notes. She was shy to talk to strangers so

she just used to observe them and wonder.

In next test, she came under 50 with a rank of

46. She was happy but not so happy. She

Studied and studied but every time she used

to commit silly mistakes or she used to have

time management problem. After reviewing

the whole paper, she used to write down all

the mistakes.

Next time her rank was 34, but she repeated

the same mistakes and was unhappy about it.

Many things had changed in her life and all

that she could see was study and study and

nothing else. She started feeling low and sad,

when she used to see a group of students

smiling & laughing, she thought she must be

wrong somewhere and all of them were better

than her.

One day one of them came to ask her a

question and she solved it. They talked about

some other stuff and without even realizing it

she found herself laughing. It’s been days

since she felt so happy, soon they become


She also started talking to other students,

days were all good. In one of the tests as she

was ill she couldn’t prepare much, but she

was confident and relaxed; she did

surprisingly very well, came 1st in her batch.

She decided to just study adequately not too

much to score well. She was weak in a topic

but saw her friends doing good in it, so she

changed the way of learning as that’s how

others do and they all were better than her.

Silly girl, they were not doing well overall, it

was just that particular topic. It was not study

or her way that was pulling her back, but too

much stress that was coming in her way.

What she wanted was a boost in her

confidence that she was lacking. It

was result of her hard work that she scored

well, but she changed the way of her


Soon she found syllabus increasing at a fast

pace, their ways were not working for her.

She was worried, puzzled and anxious. She

was always stressed to complete the ongoing

syllabus & to revise the previous one for the

upcoming test. 

No matter how much she tried, paper was not

the same anymore. Her rank kept on

increasing, soon she was out of 100.

She tried to think what she used to do? What

toppers do? What others do? She was lost…

She started hating learning or studying, tears

used to come out when she used to look at

books. Her dreams were getting blurred in

front of her, as she ran to chase them.

She distanced herself from her friends. All her

hobbies, likes and dislikes disappeared. She

was no more afraid of dark, her life scared her

more. I think having something to fear is also

a leisure for someone.

One day she was eating all alone when

a girl came to join her. With a smiling face she

asked “How do you study? I am never able to

make in top 200, you see.”

why is everyone better than me?

Halleys clininc

Is that the end? No way…there is more to this

story, don’t reach to an answer so early.

I will tell you the rest in the next blog. If you

have your own views or a story to share, write

in comment section or reach to us


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