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what to do to increase height?


Good height is often a concern for parents and teenagers. Its because after 18-19 years of age, there is little that can be done – other than improving posture, as bones have already fused.

That’s why it’s necessary for us to understand the factors that affect our heights and what can be done for it.


Growth hormone is responsible for increasing height. It is released by anterior pituitary.

Growth hormone’s release is stimulated by hypoglycemia(low blood sugar level)

Its release is inhibited by obesity and malnutrition.


Our bones contain 3 parts – epiphysis, metaphysis and diaphysis.

Metaphysis is the part where growth plate is located.

Osteoblast are the bone cells that divide and produce more bone cells, and hence helps in growth of the bone.

This osteoblastic activity is stimulated by growth hormone.

After 18-19 years of age, there is fusion between epiphysis and diaphysis, and bones don’t grow anymore.


  • There are many factors which can be linked to your height or how tall you will be – but the main factor is the genes!

Genes of your parents makes the core of height.

There is also a popular formula to calculate mid-parental height – (in cm)

For boys =

 Father’s height + mother’s height+13cm


For girls =

Father’s height + mother’s height -13cm


  • Poor nutrition
  • Lack of exercises (&physical activity)
  • Chronic stress can alter normal activity of human growth hormone.
  • In environmental factor comes pollutants like lead, PCB etc. which may cause decreased height.
  • Even if genes are for a good height, there is a chance that if while growing up child doesn’t get adequate nutrition then he/she might not reach the target height.
  • Hormones like thyroid and sex hormones (like oestrogen and testosterone) along with growth hormone also affects height.
  • Health conditions like cystic fibrosis, inflammatory bowel disease etc may affect overall growth.


High amount of sugar in diet is not good for a growing child/ teenager. You will ask why?

Its because high amount of glucose inhibits the release of growth hormone.

As the glucose level in blood decreases, GH is released which is responsible for increasing height.


Growth hormone secretion increases in NREM stage 2&4.

That is when we are in deep sleep.

Also, when we sleep our spinal cord gets stretched as pressure is relieved. So, when you wake up, you look taller.

how to increase height?

halleys clinic


After understanding the mechanism, the factors responsible and that genetics play a major role, here are some other points that you need to remember.

  • A diet full of essential nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals – balanced diet.

For it, take or give your child fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, legumes, pulses, rice, wheat and other good sources of protein etc.

Protein is required to build up cells and tissues and children in this age require more protein. Its deficiency may lead to stunted growth.

Vitamin A & D deficiency can also affect growth.

Eat four times in a day – breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner.

Breakfast- which he/she takes to school should be adequate.

Just giving bread and jam will neither fill their stomach, nor give them sufficient energy and nutrients.

You can give –

Dosa, idli, uttapam, paratha of potato/ cauliflower/pulses etc. sometimes just veggies and chapatis.

Sometimes give them pasta or noodles also, with a promise that they will finish their tiffin on other days also.

In lunch when they return from school – prepare something healthy e.g., Curd, rice, chole, chapati (according to regional menu).

In supper – milk and fruits

In dinner – pulses and rice/chapatis are good.

Now, as I have emphasized so much on eating, it also doesn’t mean to eat too much or all the time.

Just eat adequate, on time as a routine.

Too less or too much, both are not good for health.

  • You should avoid eating pastries, cakes, chocolates and ice-creams and all other sugar filled deserts.

Not only kids, but we all love them.

But these are not good for their health, especially height as normal rhythm of growth hormone is affected by too much glucose, and provides hinderance to reach the target height.

  • Don’t eat too much food that is rich in saturated and trans-fat. These includes dishes that are made with oil and ghee like Halwa, Puri, pakodi, Ladoos, sweets, Parathas on regular basis.

Also, pizza, burgers, fries taken on regular basis is not good.

All of these things are mouth- watering so eat them only on Sundays or on special occasions that’s it.

For e.g., it should be made a rule to eat burger/ pizza only once in a month.

If you yourself is reading this article then understand that this line ‘if we not eat good foods, why are we even living?’ is very appetizing but doesn’t warn us about its consequences.

Understand that your height is one concern but these are also not good for overall health in long run.

If you are a parent, then make your children understand this.

  • Regular exercises are necessary.

In evening time, going for running, jogging, playing some sports like badminton, tennis, football, basketball etc; doing pranayama and other Yogas at home.

These should be made as a list of exercises that you will do daily and should be followed.

SWIMMING – do you know how to swim?

Although it’s an easy-going word but someone who doesn’t know how to swim cannot swim, no matter how much he/she moves their arms and legs.

This is a very important life skill that everyone should know.

Its also good to start early to learn swimming as they learn faster.

Besides this is a very good exercise.

So, if holidays are coming, you can make a pass and go for swimming classes!

  • Sleep on time and have adequate sleep.

(8-10 hours of sleep is recommended)

As you know GH secretion increases at the time of deep sleep, so it is necessary for you to have plenty of sleep at night.

Don’t stay awake till late and follow a good sleep- wake cycle.

For ensuring good night sleep, your diet also plays a crucial role.

Eating simpler carbohydrates like sugary snacks increases blood sugar level rapidly which comes down later on. Hence, they don’t provide continuous energy and can cause night awakenings.

On the other hand, if in dinner complex carbohydrates are included like whole grains, vegetables then being full of fibres they make them feel full.

They also slowly release energy over the night. It is because of their complex digestion that’s why body breaks them slowly.


Obesity in growing period is not good for health, even if we keep height aside for a minute.

It is therefore necessary to keep a check on junk and instant foods or sugary products.

Low physical activity and playing video games/computer games/ watching TV is not a good choice.

Keep a record of time that you spend on these games. It is necessary that you go outside to play or follow a routine exercise plan.


Standing or sitting and even throughout the day, you need to maintain a good posture.

It is good for your bones and muscles. Poor posture might affect your actual height.

From the day you are born to 19-20 years of age (body grows generally to the maximum till 19-20 years of age) nutrition and lifestyle plays a major role.

This is the time when your bones, brain, organs are developing; hence, it is important to be extra careful during this time period

An old saying goes –

“What you eat now builds and makes your body, which is used for your whole life later on.”



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