photography contest by halleys clinic

theme- nature, health and us


We are very glad to inform you all that Halleys clinic is organizing a photography contest.

Theme- “Health, nature and us”

Nature and health both are interlinked to each other, no matter how fast and high we grow, we must never forget our roots…

Criteria – everyone can participate

Send your entries –

Include your name, and what do you think about the photograph you clicked.

 It will be good if you can also send your photo, place, and anything else that you want to share; but it’s also not mandatory, depends on your choice.

Entry fee – there is no entry fee.

(Multiple entries are also allowed)

Best entries will be shared on our website, and also on our social media platforms.

You can also visit our Facebook page – halleys clinic

So, don’t wait and send us your entries, and become the part of our Halleys clinic family.

photography contest
by halleys clinic

We all know, how a photograph can speak a lot more than the words can express; keeping that in mind we decided to hold a contest regularly. It’s not only a contest, it’s a means to connect with you all and provide a platform to express your thoughts.

We won’t tell you to be extra professional, just put some art, love, creativity in your pics.

Along with the top photographs we will also try to inculcate all other good entries.

That’s why photographers, take out some time out of your busy schedule and send us your entries –

We will be waiting for your active participation…

Edit – we have increased the deadline, after seeing all of your excitement.

Now the new date is 30 July, 2023.

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