Ever felt hungry?

Coming back home from school /college or work when you run towards the kitchen to search for things that you can eat; and if you find nothing you get all moody , with your stomach rumbling and feeling light headedness.

All these come under hunger.

Hunger is a physiological phenomenon that occurs when you haven’t eaten for long time and when body is low in sugar and calories.

We need energy for completing any task and even thinking without moving an inch from your place is a tiring task.

ATP is the energy currency of our body which is needed everywhere.

For example, when you think various synapses are formed and nerve impulses travel through neurons.

For generating the exact potential called action potential for transmission, sodium, potassium and other ions comes out and moves inward requiring ATP.

We need ATP for absorption of nutrients, for breaking down carbohydrates, for energy storage.

For ATP generation, we need carbohydrates, fats that come from the food that we eat.


When you don’t take food for long time Ghrelin is released from stomach and other parts of GIT.

It increases appetite, and causes gastric acid secretion telling us to take food.

Leptin is another hormone that is secreted by fat cells which acts on brain and send signal that enough calories have been stored.

Food intake should now be inhibited.


Hypothalamus plays important role in food regulation-

Arcuate nucleus plays the role of integrating centre in regulating food intake.

Lateral nucleus – increases food intake with the help of neurotransmitter orexin.

Ventromedial nucleus – Decrease in food intake and increases satiety behavior.

Hunger is physiological phenomenon where body seeks energy.

Appetite is a little more psychological concept based on what and how much you eat or you feel like eating.

You might want to eat ‘Rasmalai’ but not the healthy pulses and chapatties.

That feeling to eat something daily almost at exact point of time is also coping up with routine timetable of yours.

You can be hungry and have good appetite also.

You might also be full and have good appetite, when you see your favorite chocolate cake.

At this time you have appetite only for the cake and nothing else.

Lastly, what is this craving?

We crave for our favorite foods and they are usually sweet or spicy. We want to eat it all the time, whether we are hungry or not.

We want to eat them again and again and these thoughts won’t leave us alone. It’s difficult to resist craving .Carbohydrates are usually more associated with it.

hungry? time to eat food...

Hunger – Feeling so hungry, I skipped my lunch!

Appetite “I want to eat Masala dosa”

                  “Why don’t you eat fried rice?”

                  “No! I am not hungry.”

Craving – “I want to eat the burger that I ate in        the yesterday’s party.”

“Let’s order burger today.”

“I will eat burger in dinner.”

Now, you would have understood this simple yet complex mechanism of our hunger. Food is our fuel and keeps our body running.

Always eat your food on time.

Take good breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner.

Eat balanced diet; don’t just pick anything to fill your stomach.

Don’t skip lunch for your work (10-15 minutes won’t hurt and you can resume your work later on.)


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